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About Radnor House & Bakery


This is aGuest House, Ombersley, Worcestershire sample of one of our twin bedrooms, as you can see, the room is furnished to a high standard


The House was built approx around 1880, as there was an entry in the Parish records of a child
being baptised to the Joyner family. They were listed as bakers and grocers.

The Census of 1881 indicates that there were five bakers all living and working within the
village. After the Second World War, only one baker remained working in Ombersley. Everyone
had decided that sliced bread was the best thing to eat,how times change! When this baker retired
in 1988, we decided to rebuild the old bakery again at the back of our house, which had fallen
into extreme disrepair.

We learned how to make and bake bread and decided that this traditional craft should not be
lost to our generation.

We hope that you will enjoy eating and sampling all our lovely home-made goods during your stay
and if there is anything else we can do to make your stay more comfortable then please ask.